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The Suzuki 4x4 Club now has it's own branded insurance policies and breakdown recovery scheme for ALL Suzuki 4x4 and other vehicles.

Call our dedicated (land-line) hotline for a quote : 01945 585322

Starting a new policy, or coming up for renewal?  

The Suzuki 4x4 Club is in negotiation  with a number of companies in an effort to find the best deals for you.

Included here are links to insurance specialists, some with online quotation facilities.

With your help, we will be able to rate the companies on service, cost and assistance in times of need.

We've found a number of previous entries have turned out to let you down quite badly, but our
current selections have resulted in consistently good reports... We're always glad to get your feedback!
Adrian Flux - the Suzuki 4x4 Club preferred broker
2Gether FS
Sureterm Direct

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